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Constipation Causes|Qabz ki Alamaat|Qabz ki Waja or Ilaj|Qabz Ky Desi Totkay

Constipation Causes Qabz ki Alamaat Qabz ki Waja or Ilaj Qabz Ky Desi Totkay

What tests help analyze the reason for serious obstruction?

Medicinal history

There are numerous tests that can analyze serious clogging, and a great many people just need a couple of essential tests. In the first place the specialist or human services proficient will take a therapeutic history and physical examination

to enable the specialist to characterize the sort of obstruction that is available; reveal any supplements or remedy items you are taking; or infections or other medical issues you have. This, thusly, coordinates the conclusion and treatment. For instance, if poo is excruciating, the specialist knows to search for butt-centric issues, for example, a limited butt-centric sphincter or a butt-centric gap. In the event that little stools are the issue, eating nourishments low in fiber might be the reason. In the event that the patient is encountering huge stressing, at that point pelvic floor brokenness is likely.

A cautious dietary history-which may require keeping a sustenance journal for up to 14 days can uncover an eating regimen that is low in fiber and may guide the doctor to prescribe a high-fiber consume less calories. A sustenance journal additionally enables the doctor to assess how well an individual expands his dietary fiber amid treatment.

Different tests are accessible for individuals who have extreme stoppage that doesn’t react effectively to treatment.

Physical examination

A physical examination may recognize illnesses (for instance, scleroderma) that can cause stoppage. A rectal examination with the finger may reveal a tight butt-centric sphincter that might make poop troublesome or it might find that the muscles of the pelvic floor don’t unwind typically. On the off chance that a material filled colon can be felt through the stomach divider, it proposes that it is extreme. Stool in the rectum proposes an issue with the butt-centric, rectal, or pelvic floor muscles.

Blood tests

Blood tests might be suitable in assessing your condition. All the more particularly, blood tests for thyroid hormone (to identify hypothyroidism) and for calcium (to reveal abundance parathyroid hormone) might be useful.

Stomach X-beam

A lot of material in the colon as a rule can be pictured on straightforward X-beam movies of the belly, and the more extreme the stoppage, the more imagined on X-beam.

Barium bowel purge

A barium bowel purge (bring down gastrointestinal [GI] arrangement) is a X-beam consider in which fluid barium is embedded through the butt to fill the rectum and colon. The barium traces the colon on the X-beams and characterizes the ordinary or unusual life structures of the inside and rectum. Tumors and narrowings (strictures) are among the irregularities that can be distinguished with this test.

Colonic travel (marker) examines

Colonic travel examines are straightforward X-beam ponders that decide to what extent it takes for nourishment to movement through the digestive organs. For travel examines, people swallow cases for at least one days. Inside the cases are numerous little bits of plastic that can be seen on X-beams. The gelatin cases break down and discharge the plastic pieces into the small digestive system. The bits of plastic at that point travel (as would processing sustenance) through the small digestive system and into the gut. Following 5 or 7 days, a X-beam of the guts is taken and the bits of plastic in the distinctive parts of the gut are tallied. From this check, it is conceivable to decide whether and where there is a deferral in the colon.

In individuals who are not blocked up, the greater part of the plastic pieces are wiped out in the defecation and none stay in the colon. At the point when pieces are spread all through the colon, it proposes that the muscles or nerves all through the colon are not working, which is run of the mill of colonic idleness. At the point when pieces amass in the rectum, it recommends pelvic floor brokenness.


Defecography is a change of the barium purification examination. For this method, a thick glue of barium is embedded into the rectum of a patient through the butt. X-beams at that point are taken while the patient craps the barium. The barium unmistakably diagrams the rectum and butt and shows the progressions occurring in the muscles of the pelvic floor amid crap. Accordingly, defecography looks at the procedure of poo and gives data about anatomical irregularities of the rectum and pelvic floor muscles amid poop.

Ano-rectal motility considers

Ano-rectal motility contemplates, which supplement defecography tests, give an appraisal of the capacity of the muscles and nerves of the rear-end and rectum. For ano-rectal motility thinks about, an adaptable tube, around an eighth of an inch in width, is embedded through the rear-end and into the rectum. Sensors inside the tube measure the weights that are created by the muscles of the rear-end and rectum. With the tube set up, the individual plays out a few straightforward moves, for example, willfully fixing the butt-centric muscles. Ano-rectal motility studies can help decide whether the muscles of the butt and rectum are working ordinarily. At the point when the capacity of these muscles is impeded, the stream of material through the GI tracts is hindered, in this way causing a condition like pelvic floor brokenness.

Attractive reverberation imaging defecography

The most up to date test for assessing poo and its issue is attractive reverberation imaging (X-ray) defecography and is like barium defecography. Be that as it may, X-ray is utilized rather than X-beams to give pictures of the rectum amid poo. X-ray defecography seems, by all accounts, to be a phenomenal method to think about poo, yet the methodology is costly and to some degree awkward. Thus, it is utilized as a part of just a couple of foundations that have a specific enthusiasm for clogging and irregularities of poo.

Colonic motility examines

Colonic motility contemplates are like ano-rectal motility thinks about in numerous angles. A long, limit (one-eighth inch in distance across), adaptable tube is embedded through the rear-end and went through part or the whole colon amid a methodology called colonoscopy. Sensors inside the tube measure the weights that are created by the compressions of the colonic muscles. These compressions are the consequence of facilitated movement of the colonic nerves and muscles. In the event that the action of the nerves or muscles is unusual, the example of colonic weights will be anomalous. Colonic motility considers are most helpful in characterizing colonic dormancy. These investigations are considered research instruments, however they can be useful in settling on choices in regards to treatment in people with serious stoppage.